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Lipo Light liquefies body fat.
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Body Sculpting, Body Contouring & Fat Reduction Treatments

Non-surgical treatments to help you achieve your body goals

At Light Body Sculpting we believe everyone should have the opportunity to look and feel great. Whether you’re concerned about stubborn pockets of fat that are immune to diet and exercise, troublesome cellulite, loose skin or other signs of aging – we can help. Light Body Sculpting mission is to help you achieve your body goals in a safe, gentle and effective way.

We are excited to offer our clients the latest in body sculpting, fat reduction and body contouring treatments, using state of the art, non-invasive technologies that act as a catalyst to help stimulate and improve the natural processes of the body, helping you achieve your body goals.

Body Sculpting or Weight Loss? Or, a combined program? Which is best for me?

Do you not feel like “your BEST self?” Are you really looking to get healthy and finally lose the weight for good?
We have personalized 1-1 consultations with the doctor to help you determine which is right for you.

At Light Body Sculpting we help patients lose 2-5 pant or dress sizes in 42 days Guaranteed!
Whether we use high-tech specialized LED Light to empty and shrink fat cells or Infrared Body Wraps to burn up to 1400 calories – it’s effortless fat loss!

Our systems are safe, natural and painless with no harmful side effects. We can target and spot reduce trouble spots that won’t go away with traditional diet and exercise and couple these treatments with Infrared Sauna and Whole Body Vibration for enhanced results.

Additionally, we address more serious weight loss issues and safe detoxification with a Doctor-supervised program that is lasting and healthy for the body.
We offer individual personalized testing to determine if the body is in Fat-Burning or Fat-Storing Mode which allows us to discover what factors may be influencing weight.

Meet The Doctor

Dr Jeri Nardone

Dr. Jeri has chosen the Lipo Light treatment program as a safe, highly effective, and practical model to approach restored health. Coupled with chiropractic services for healthy nerve and immune function, this system, which includes clean eating, gentle detoxification, moderate exercise, and the safe emulsification of unhealthy fat, can fight against food allergies, obesity, and the onset of chronic illnesses.

Dr. Jeri has always purported that health is a state of being; it’s an intention! Join Dr. Jeri in her new lifestyle of health!


Schedule A Consultation

You can schedule a consultation online or call (480) 454-1852 to speak with a member of our staff.

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